Preaching the good news

As said by our Lord Jesus Christ that ” People donot live by bread alone, but by every word that comes from the mouth of God”,(mathew4:4). We respect that principle and feel we also need what can feed our Souls from our Volunteers. We also respect the teaching that; “Fear of the Lord is the foundation of true knowledge” (proverbs 1:7).This area is the most rich in activities among all our volunteering activities, and here are some;

  • Volunteer with us in Preaching the Gospel of our Lord Jesus in any of our wide variety of born again churches for lunch hour prayer sessions, morning glory sessions, overnights- usually conducted once a week on Friday and also in Sunday church service. Come experience how much Ugandans love their Lord.
  • You can also preach the good news in Gospel crusades and conferences that we regularly organize or we can also organize for you a special crusade or conference as the chief preacher at any given time. We do this in partnership with our affiliated born again churches that number to 40 across the country Uganda. Join us because we love sharing with you the different spiritual gifts as we deliver the souls of the Lord from satan bondage. ( Mark16:15-20).
  • Come Nurture with us children of Sunday schools, bible clubs and primary schools from the different churches and schools across the country as a means of sharing with us Our Lord’s Love for Children, (Luke 18:16).
  • Join our mobile Evangelism team on their mission of saving souls around the World. This is a group of God fearing Evangelists, blessed with the divine gift of preaching the good news,interceding and delivering others
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