Sports and physical Exercise

Participation in sports has significant physical benefits, contributing to people’s abilities to live long and healthy lives, improving well-being, extending life expectancy and reducing the likelihood of several non communicable diseases, particularly heart diseases, diabetes and certain cancers. Sports also provide psychosocial benefits such as fostering social integration and teaching copying mechanism as well as improving concentration.

Village Hope International promotes sports because it is a key component of social life by directly engaging communities.It brings communities together in a fun and participatory way, it helps create social relations, builds connections and improves communications between individuals and groups.

The following are the Sports related activities that you can through which volunteer with us;

  • Daily physical exercises under instruction of our professional fitness instructor.
  • Foot ball with the various football teams of the youths, the children and women’s netball teams.
  • Swimming.
  • Music, dance and dramer.
  • And other athletics activities like running, volley ball.