Volunteering in Education

Village Hope International believes that Education is a strong driver for sustainable community development. That is why, we jointly work with our donors to award merit based scholarships, co-curricular trainings and scholastic materials to bright, motivated and financially disadvantaged students living in rural areas of Uganda. Giving bright and financially disadvantaged students access to education and mentoring means enabling them to pursue their dreams and changing their lives dramatically.So many under privileged children in Uganda live in rural areas under poverty stricken families with less capacity to afford Quality education for their children.

Village Hope International helps them to share same privileges and a brighter future like those in the urban areas.Our children receives mentoring, training, and coaching and becomes part of our unique network of future decision makers that will drive our country Uganda forward in an economic, political and social way. Each and every support received from our Donors around the World does not only allow Village Hope International children to go to school, but it will also make them part of a powerful network of a highly potential, professional and talented useful Human beings in Uganda and the World.

A network consisting of future teachers, social workers, nurses, doctors, lawyers, politicians and entrepreneurs – all eager, willing, and able to contribute to the economic, political, and social development of Uganda and the World at large. You can volunteer in our Education programs in many ways including;

  • Teaching at any of our partner 110 primary schools in Butaleja District during the study term period but under instruction and guidance of each individual class teacher. this can be done by a profesional in education or peer educator.
  • You can also volunteer with us during scholastic material distribution.
  • Volunteer with us in our schools social responsibility activities like class room-painting and cleaning exercises.
  • Do not also hesitate to participate in our co-curricular trainings like Athletics, sports, music dance and drama.
  • Join us on our routine Educational field trips around the country.
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