Volunteering in Health

Each year, millions of children are affected or die due to malnutrition, communicable and non-communicable diseases, and poor maternal health around the world. This affects their school attendance and performance in Uganda and in most of the developing countries. Therefore in our effort to promote under privileged children’s Education attendance and performance, we organize and facilitate human health care conferences and training to equip community members and children basic methods of preventing and controlling the spread of certain diseases.

We train parents on issues like maternal health, family planning, primary health care, HIV/AIDS prevention-control and care, sanitation. We also believe that, when women and their partners have access to family planning information and services, everyone benefits. Maternal mortality rates drop, children are healthier and better educated, incomes rise and relationships are stronger. Children are educated reproductive health; we also distribute needed supplies to keep children healthy.

We help under privileged children living in rural areas of Uganda to access free medical treatment in Uganda-for simple cases and abroad for difficult and referred cases. To control Mal nutrition and its associated diseases, Village Hope International has introduced a feeding program for the less privileged, HIV/AIDS infected children in Uganda at selected schools for both breakfast and lunch. Under this area,you can Volunteer with us during;

  • Our Child Center Days- when we subject our children to routine medical checkups,screening and treatment.
  • In our health workshops and conferences.
  • When monitoring the health status of our children at house hold level.
  • When distributing our health packs to our girl children.
  • Feed with us at any of our partner schools for lunch and breakfast.
  • During HIV testing,care and treatment of Our vulnerable children.
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