Who we are

The formation of Village Hope International was spearheaded by Pastor Bob Tiwa from Uganda together with other concerned local and international volunteers. The intention to save lives of vulnerable children from formerly war ravaged regions of Uganda and the desire to reach others in need with both God’s Love and Word led to its formation. Young brains and promising talents were perishing due to poverty, lack of modern health care and limited Education opportunities.

Curable illnesses like malaria, typhoid among others killed hundreds of young innocent angelic soles annually in this formerly war stricken regions of Northern and Eastern Uganda. Lack of school fees and malnutrition due to poverty and insufficiency of food among the community members was another challenge to the formation of village Hope International.

With our one vision of a Cared Generation and Mission of Empowering Communities in Generation Care through Synergies, village hope International has grown to impact lives of hundreds of children In Northern and Eastern Uganda. In our day to day activities, we serve with respect to our values of; Transparency, accountability, dignity for human rights and corporation with partners like schools, hospitals, Individuals, churches among other.

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